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What makes us Different

Our copper rod is produced from a continuous casting and hot rolling process using electrolytic copper cathodes meeting the B115 standards of ASTM.

Safety and Health – UCR provides a safe and healthy work environment in which all employees have opportunities to obtain their full potential

People – Treating all employees with respect and dignity

Social and Environmental Responsibility – UCR always strive to be environment friendly and socially responsible in everything we do

Ethics and Compliance – UCR conducts according to the highest standards of ethics in compliance with relevant local laws, regulations and international standards of corporate governance and accountability

Performance Excellence – UCR encourages, measures and reward exceptional performances

Entrepreneurship – UCR maximizes the potential of existing operation and actively seek new opportunities and innovative solutions to grow business

One Company  – UCR shares, celebrates and succeeds as a part of a strong and dynamic regional manufacturer


UCR’s production line is the largest of its kind in Middle East with a rod production capacity exceeding 200,000 metric tons per annum. UCR utilizes the industry leading Southwire Continuous Rod Casting Technology for the manufacture of its premium copper rods.

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