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Union Copper Rod LLC is a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit for copper wire rods...


Mission & Vision

To produce highest quality copper rods conforming  & exceeding the international standards…


Our Products

Union Copper Rod’s primary products are the 8mm, 12.5mm, copper rods that have…

About UAE

Industry is the economic backbone of a nation. The UAE has been clear about its intentions to diversify the economy and develop sectors that contribute to the higher end of the value chain. The industrial sector is key to the UAE’s ambitions to develop a diversified, sustainable economy.

In addition to the development of these specialized clusters, the UAE is developing the necessary transportation infrastructure. In Abu Dhabi, ZonesCorp, the Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones, is charged with promoting industrial growth and has established ICAD I, II, and III, and Al Ain Industrial City I and II. Future developments include ICAD IV and V, Construction and Building Materials Zone, and Workers’ Residential Cities.

What makes us different


UCR always maintains that the foremost benefit of any latest technology, if applied to an efficient operation, will automatically…

Technical Specification

UCR’s production line is the largest of its kind in Middle East with a rod production capacity exceeding 200,000 metric tons…


Union Copper Rod’s Integrated Quality Management System ensures world’s best practice in all aspects of the business…

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