UCR has a higher delivery capacity in the Copper Industry

UCR is strategically location that benefits its clients in the region

UCR has a good proximity to world-class seaports

UCR has strategic relationship with major shipping companies

Supply Chain

Today, UCR leads the region in copper rod production and has its sights on vastly expanding its enterprise

UCR’s state-of-the-art facility is Middle East’s largest independent copper rod-producing mill with a capacity exceeding 200,000 metric tons per annum.   

UCR’s national and international clients thoroughly benefit from UCR’s higher delivery capabilities and supply chain expertise coupled with its strategic location of Industrial city of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. 

The superior infrastructure that the country possess, roads connected with entire GCC, Proximity with the world class sea ports enables UCR to serve its clients in a better way.   

UCR is highly regarded by its clientele for the quick service and delivery schedules and currently serves more than 120 esteemed clients from more than 20 different countries from GCC, Africa, and Asia along with local customers.


UCR’s production line is the largest of its kind in Middle East with a rod production capacity exceeding 200,000 metric tons per annum.


Major Advantages

Higher Delivery Capacity

Strategic location and rod connectivity with entire GCC

Proximity to world-class seaports

Strategic relationship with major shipping companies

Experienced supply chain personnel   

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